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The GitHub Blog 
The world’s fair of software: Join us at GitHub Universe 2024
2024-04-16 16:00:39   

CodeProject Latest Articles 
.NET 8 — Transactional Outbox Pattern With EF Core
2024-04-16 13:48:00   

CodeProject Latest Articles 
Simplifying Dynamic SQL Queries with Dapper
2024-04-16 10:51:00   

Java Code Geeks 
Install OpenJDK on Linux, macOS, Windows
2024-04-16 08:35:21   

Java Code Geeks 
Modifying and Printing List Items Using Java Streams
2024-04-16 08:18:50   

Stack Overflow Blog 
How do you evaluate an LLM? Try an LLM.
2024-04-16 07:40:00   

The Daily WTF 
CodeSOD: A Small Partition
2024-04-16 06:30:00   

Java Code Geeks 
The Full-Stack Revolution: JavaScript Powers the Entire Web Stack
2024-04-16 05:00:00   

Michael Tsai 
The Demise of Email Forwarding Is Getting Closer
2024-04-15 20:03:45   

Michael Tsai 
NSTableView With SwiftUI
2024-04-15 20:00:55   

Michael Tsai 
Keeping Your Data From Apple Is Harder Than Expected
2024-04-15 20:00:28   

Michael Tsai 
GM Stops Sharing Driver Data With Brokers
2024-04-15 20:00:24   

How to Create a Responsive HTML Email Template
2024-04-15 19:11:04   

Changelog News 90: Devin's Upwork "side hustle" exposed
2024-04-15 18:50:00   

What Does "Shift Left" Mean in Software Development?
2024-04-15 18:25:08   

What is a GitHub Wiki and How Do You Use it?
2024-04-15 16:46:02