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Web_Dv123 How to Refresh Tokens with Axios Interceptors #react #Axios https://morioh.com/p/a0f493052237?f=603c719d1528b00f7934320a

20 Oct 2021, 7:25 am   @WEB_DV123

pugson waking up at 5am sucks cause the only thing open is mcdonalds and what am i gonna do with 2 hashbrowns and a mcmuffin

20 Oct 2021, 6:01 am   @PUGSON

codinghorror I mean come on, done right, they're amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWM9DC-31Xo

20 Oct 2021, 4:16 am   @CODINGHORROR

codinghorror Every day I resent MTV for giving up on music videos, so I listen to songs on YouTube to set the universe right

20 Oct 2021, 4:15 am   @CODINGHORROR

codinghorror what is Facebook’s new name, wrong answers only https://twitter.com/verge/status/1450646716097736706

20 Oct 2021, 3:27 am   @CODINGHORROR

Web_Dv123 How to Build Static Pages with Next.js, GraphCMS and Apollo Client #graphql #apollo #webdev https://morioh.com/p/bbe1b6acaedd?f=5c21fb01c16e2556b555ab32

20 Oct 2021, 2:41 am   @WEB_DV123

codinghorror a disturbing read about the new meth epidemic https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/11/the-new-meth/620174/

20 Oct 2021, 1:54 am   @CODINGHORROR

codinghorror Holy crap “During the 2020–21 flu season, the United States recorded only about 2k cases, 17k times fewer than the 35 million it recorded the season before. That season, the flu killed 199 children; this past season, as far as we know, it killed 1.” https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2021/10/flu-season-winter-america-choice/620373/

20 Oct 2021, 1:01 am   @CODINGHORROR

pugson there’s been a cultural shift at apple and they started letting employees tweet about their work for the first time

19 Oct 2021, 11:14 pm   @PUGSON

codinghorror At the risk of stating the obvious, it's kind of.. ridiculously unfair how easy it is to make money once you have a lot of it.

19 Oct 2021, 9:14 pm   @CODINGHORROR

codinghorror interesting how Facebook's threat model now has to actively include current trusted employees, which is a *very* challenging threat model to deal with.

19 Oct 2021, 8:50 pm   @CODINGHORROR

stefanjudis Haha, I love that! 😆 Install the notch simulator to check out how it'll feel with the new mac books. :D https://github.com/megabitsenmzq/Notch-Simulator?ref=producthunt https://twitter.com/stefanjudis/status/1450474333927772167/photo/1

19 Oct 2021, 2:50 pm   @STEFANJUDIS

sixrevisions 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO for Your Business https://ift.tt/3lUpEYc

19 Oct 2021, 2:33 pm   @SIXREVISIONS

ravinwashere The best way to learn any programming language is to start learning it any way you can. Getting Started is more important than finding the best way to learn.

19 Oct 2021, 2:19 pm   @RAVINWASHERE

stefanjudis This is worth checking out on GitHub. 👍 https://github.com/louislam/uptime-kuma

19 Oct 2021, 9:29 am   @STEFANJUDIS

LeaVerou Btw there is still no solution to this that satisfies all of the following criteria: 1. Does not modify the input --icon 2. Works in Firefox as well 3. Works with transparency 4. Produces the same visual result https://twitter.com/LeaVerou/status/1449514764221272064

19 Oct 2021, 8:49 am   @LEAVEROU